Pellerini Proclaims Holiday Family Session

With the holidays approaching and stress levels rising, I know that my photo shoot has to be fun.  So many parents worry how their children will react during a photo session.  Will they cooperate, scream, cry, or pull someone’s hair? 

Lucky for me, the Pellerini Family was the complete opposite.  As they approached me with big smiles on their faces, I knew our shoot was going to be a success.  Dana, a local lifestyle blogger was so great.  She even color coordinated everything and helped get the boys ready to smile.  Yep, I said boys; seven and eleven.  Getting girls to smile is like baking a cake but with boys, it takes a little extra frosting.

Boys want to be understood, so I took out my knowledge I stored way back in my brain about sports and video games.  They loved it!  Two smiling boys having fun at a holiday photo shoot is like winning the lottery.  These two boys were the sweetest little men.  Of course, I had to be careful on my poses because I knew they wouldn’t want to do any gushy, heart wrenching moves like hold hands and blow kisses.

An hour with the Pellerini family was tons of fun and I will always treasure the time I had with them. The tip to a successful photo shoot is to have everyone smiling so much you can see all of their teeth.


Local Mom Scoop Holiday Session

First of all, all my photo shoots begin with an embarrassing warm up.  This warm up involves waving your hands in the air like a bird.  The reason I have made this warm up a must do ritual is because it gets everyone laughing and loosened up.  So far everyone has participated.

Heather has been a friend of mine for years.  She is a mother to two beautiful blonde girls and wife to a handsome man.  We have photographed together in the past, but each shoot seems to be better than the last.  I would say photography is a skill I have developed but the real skill that makes my sessions so great are my knock- knock jokes. 

In the famous words of Charles Dickens, “There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” I brought out all my favorite jokes for my favorite family.  Not only did Jameson and Drew have the cutest giggles and laughs, they also had the best jokes.  They loved all of my poses and funny faces that I would make.  Photographing kids can have its challenges, but man does it have its benefits.  Belly laughs and raw emotion makes for Christmas card of the year.


Jessica & Nick's Engagement

We have all watched Dirty Dancing and The Notebook and have prayed at night to one day experience that emotion.  Sit back while I tell you a new story called Nick & Jessica.  All I was missing at this photo shoot was a lawn chair and popcorn.  Watching the love they shared together was so beautiful and exciting.  I didn’t even have to direct them on poses or movements, it came natural to them. 

When photographing couples, I always like to meet them first and get an idea of who they are, but more importantly how they interact together.  The interaction between two people is the raw emotion I like to capture.  That look in his eye when she grabs his hand or the smile on her face when he goes in for a kiss.  The other important thing is comfort.  When couples feel so comfortable around each other,  their true self comes out, which makes my job easy.

This photo shoot was almost interrupted by every photographer’s enemy…Rain.  We had on and off rain so the beach was not an option.  We had to find somewhere we could be covered.  Thank you  South Florida for creating so many beautiful bridges.  I brought these two love birds underneath a bridge that just so happened to have everything we wanted.  A cover to shield us from the rain, water, a patch of sand and nice depth of field.  Winning!  The bridge worked perfect and not only kept us dry, but helped bring my vision for this shoot to life.